Our Services Perfect for your residential and commercial projects

Construction Management

Our connections in Denver allow us to provide the greatest quality project with the right workers for the job. Our personalized approach allows us to make valuable and flexible decisions on-site that allow projects to overcome obstacles and reach top-quality results without hassle or hang-ups.

Project Consulting

Having hands-on industry approach for almost every variety of project allows us the perspective to set your project up for success. Whether your project is residential or commercial, our  multi-faceted background allows us elevate your project far past the monetary value of our services.

Commercial Tenant Finishes

With a proven track record in repurposing or enhancing commercial tenant spaces, 52Eighty Construction can be trusted, by tenants and owners alike, to treat your property and project with care that will maximize the spaces ability for success.

Residential Renovations

Whether your property is in need of repair, upgrade, or change, 52Eighty has the ability to look at any project through your eyes and can provide you with the best results. Our team is known for their wide variety of solutions and flexibility and will therefore be able to meet your project with expertise and finesse.